At STC Interpreting & Translation, we translate all languages from and into English.

You can click on Get Started – start uploading the document(s), choose the language pair, select the page count, make a payment and be done in less than 2 minutes.

You will be notified when the translation is ready so that you can log in and pick it up in a PDF format. Print it and you’re ready to go.

We charge a flat rate from $35 per page for certified translations. A page up to 250 words is considered as 1 page. If a page is too dense (above 250 words), then the page word count will be the basis to calculate the translation fee.

STC Interpreting & Translation offers certified and trustworthy translations with the best turnaround for only $35 per page. The following is the turnaround time for the translation of documents. If you need to know more about the express translation of STC Interpreting & Translation or your requirements are not mentioned here then kindly contact support to receive a quote.

Kindly note these only include business days and holidays and weekends are excluded.

1-3 pages of documents24 hours
4-8 pages of documents48 hours
9 and above pages of documentsContact Support for the exact turnaround

Please contact support to give you a quote.

Yes you can. All you have to do is click on “Add document” when you are uploading the document for translation.

No, they are not the same but we do provide Notarization upon request. When a document is certified, the completed translation and original copy are accompanied by a signed statement from the translator. The statement attests to the accuracy and completeness of the translation. A notarized translation is when a notary public stamps the translation after verifying the identity of a translator. A notary public DOES NOT verify the accuracy of a translation. We do not notarize your translations as most US institutions do not require notarizations but only certified translations. Some competitors may tell you that you need notarized translations so that they can charge you more. If you are submitting your translation to USCIS, you DO NOT need to notarize the translation.

Usually, all translations, whether birth, marriage and divorce certificates, diplomas, transcripts, medical records, legal documents, which are submitted to authorities, such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) (Also known as INS), government departments, schools, universities, doctors and hospitals, employers, banks, insurance companies, need to be certified.

Yes, if you need an original certified copy, we can mail it to you, and it will include a raised seal with signature if necessary.

At STC Interpreting & Translation, we are keen on hiring high-quality professional translations who have been working for at least 5 years as translators.

Translators are short-listed among hundreds of applicants based on our strict requirements. The short-listed translators undergo a translation test and another screening process to make sure we select the best.

Please note that your document will be translated by one person and it will be proofread by another translator to ensure completion and accuracy of the translation.

We use the latest industry standard security methods and processes. We use 256-bit SSL encryption to securely process your information, documents and credit card.

Remain assured that we do not store your credit card information, and your documents are securely stored in our database. They can only be viewed by the translator, support team and management. Should you want us to delete your documents, please feel free to let us know!

Yes, we will gladly help you. Please contact support to give you an estimate for the turn-around.

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