Interpreting services


  • Legal & Judicial
  • Medical
  • Advertising
  • Immigration
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Entertainment- Television, Motion picture, Video gaming
  • Government/political
  • Hospitality-Hotels/Restaurants
  • International business & Finance
  • IT & Computer
  • Literary
  • Workers Compensation

 Simply give us a call to schedule your interpreter in any language you need!

800-750-8797 (Toll Free) or 310-287-0405

With our network of qualified and experienced interpreters, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your communication needs. We provide Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation. Our interpreters can be at your workplace, your social event, your legal appointment, your social service agency, your office, your hospital, your college, or at your performance venue, in fact anywhere, whenever suits you. Our interpreters are professional, culturally knowledgeable, confidential, and flexible. STC Interpreting Agency is a comprehensive interpreting agency that provides services from Coast to Coast, nationwide. Interpreting services are paid for in a variety of ways, often by the institutions involved. We can help you locate the appropriate payment source for these services. We at STC Interpreting Agency have met successfully almost every language-to-language situation imaginable: business conferences, trainings, employment interviews, hospitalizations, mental health, physical therapies, medical appointments, treatments, legal and law enforcement situations, emergencies, provisions of social services, religious services, 12 Step meetings, recreational events, every educational opportunity from preschool classes all the way through to pos-graduate university work, and highly technical trainings. STC Interpreting Agency’s interpreters and staff provide you with an optimal communication solution whenever and wherever you need it. Interpreters and Translators referred by STC Interpreting Agency handle highly technical, medical, educational, legal, business, and social. We can work with two people in an office or five hundred in an auditorium. Whether your needs are immediate in nature, same day, or looking six months ahead, we will be there for you. STC Interpreting Agency refers interpreters in most major languages, including but not limited to: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Greek, Russian, and Chinese. We work for you in person, by telephone, email, fax, web, or mail. We provide onsite and in-person interpreting services nationwide. We also do video conferences. We are available to you for an hour, a day, a week or for however long you need us, at reasonable rates. Our goal also is to create the bridge for you between two cultures, so that your communication needs are met smoothly. When you choose to use STC Interpreting Agency, you and another party connect, exchange ideas and achieve your goals. We facilitate understanding. We are savvy to the nuances of doing business with, dealing with, or working through interpersonal situations where more than one language and culture are involved. State and Federal law requires provision of an interpreter in many Legal, Medical, Educational, Social, and other Situations. Let us help you meet those accessibility requirements, on an as-needed basis, saving you time and money, so that you can go ahead with doing what you do best. Our interpreters follow a high standard of ethics, are at ease in any situations, and look forward to serving you.

Language is the inventory of human experience.

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