Business Translation

Business Translations

Certified Translation of Business Documents
  • Employee manuals
  • Product descriptions
  • Legal contracts descriptions
  • Market research notes
  • Presentation slides
  • Financial statements
  • Electronic communications
  • Social media messages

Businesses Rely on STC

When working with STC, we have full confidence in their team of translators to consistently provide impeccable results within our specified deadlines.

STC's professional translation services provide excellent quality and fast turnaround for businesses

STC is a Reliable provider of document translation services for small and mid-sized businesses thanks to our world-class customer support and convenient online ordering system. Businesses have chosen STC for their document translation needs because they demand excellent quality, fast turnaround and great value.
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Quality Translators

At STC, we exclusively collaborate with the most exceptional professional translators from across the world. Our selection process is exceptionally rigorous, with only a minuscule portion of applicants earning a place on the STC team of professional linguists and translators. Most of our translators bring forth numerous years of distinguished professional experience in translating into their native language (mother tongue). Many have also honed specialized skills in various industries, encompassing Immigration, Certified Translation, Legal, Market Research, Press Release, Gaming, Industrial, Marketing, and Human Resources (HR). Our commitment to excellence ensures that your translation needs are entrusted to consummate experts with proven track records and industry-specific expertise.

Honest Pricing

At STC, unwavering commitment to transparency is at the core of our relationship with document translation clients. This unwavering dedication is reflected in our practice of openly publishing our prices, free from any hidden fees or surprises. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive view of our process, empowering our clients to seamlessly monitor the progress of their orders through their dedicated accounts. Our overarching objective is to provide a translation service that is not only simple and easy to use but also one that consistently delights our valued clients. Your satisfaction is our primary focus, and our transparent and user-friendly approach is designed to ensure just that.


Our primary objective is to cultivate enduring relationships with our clients. We deeply appreciate the significance of privacy, especially when dealing with personal or confidential business documents. Consequently, we exercise the utmost caution to ensure the safety and security of all client documents.

Rest assured, we uphold an unwavering commitment to client confidentiality. Under no circumstances do we share client information or documentation with any third party. Our translators are bound by strict nondisclosure agreements, and document access is meticulously restricted to a need-to-know basis.

At STC, your trust is paramount to us, and we are steadfast in our commitment to preserving and reinforcing that trust in all aspects of our translation services and operations.

Fast Turnaround

While turnaround times may vary depending on the language, we consistently strive to deliver short documents within just a few hours. Notably, our Spanish translators stand as some of the swiftest in the industry, often providing short Certified Translations in as little as 3 hours for our clients. Equally impressive, our Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, and German translators boast remarkable speed and extensive experience in their respective fields.

Our workflow has been meticulously streamlined to offer our clients the most efficient service possible. We’ve eliminated time-consuming steps that often burden traditional translation agencies by harnessing the power of the internet and tapping into a global talent pool. This approach has enabled us to optimize efficiency and expedite the translation process.

Our translators collectively possess years of experience, having translated thousands of business documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, and more for numerous clients. This wealth of expertise and experience empowers us to deliver high-quality translations more rapidly than anyone else in the document translation industry.

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